Hello everyone! I'm D.Renee, The Transformation Specialist. I'm a Tranformational life coach and consultant, Author, Mother,Mental health trainer,  Speaker, Advocate,  Mentor and Licensed therapist. I support women in overcoming obstacles to elevate thier life and business. I’ve spent over 12 years as a Licensed therapist helping people work through life situations where they were stuck, or they were sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way things were going in their lives.  My mission is to transform the lives of women around the world. In spite of the environments from which they come from, so that they may live a more fulfilled life. My favorite quote is " Don't judge a person for the decisions they made.  When you don't know the choices they had to choose from." Life events can happen to anyone at any time. Which is why I'm here to help transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

This has not only been a journey of support for women, but this has been her own personal journey of self discovery. Which has helped her to be able to live a more freeing and unapologetic life.From which she serves others through her personal expereince and professional expertise. 

Transformation:The Journey BackTo Me.

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